Russell Mamorsky, LMT, RYT

A light green background with a white border.Russell Mamorsky, LMT, RYT, is a highly experienced and skilled massage therapist, yoga teacher and body-mind therapist whose own healing journey has led to a lifetime of experiences and studies in spiritual and body-centered modalities. His unique practice of body-mind work is a highly stylized, creative blend of western deep tissue and therapeutic swedish techniques mixed with energy & breath work and Ayurvedic based yoga therapy.

Russell’s heart-centered massage and yoga therapy practice strives to deliver a healing experience that creates and sustains a state of heightened awareness and well being, un-tweaking and fine tuning the body-mind for an enhanced sense of vibrancy and vitality. He was invited to join Dr. Gurvit at the The Healer Inside to add therapeutic bodywork and other body-mind modalities to their expanding menu of healing options. In addition to alleviating bodily discomfort and revitalizing the body-mind, Russell’s focus is on helping clients tap into their own interior knowledge and awaken the healer within.

Russell has over 2,500 hours of combined body, health and spirituality related studies and holds a BA in Liberal Arts from The Evergreen State College and graduate work in religious studies at Goddard College. Raised in the lush tropical mountains of Costa Rica and later on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Russell’s quest for higher learning and colder climates took him to the Pacific Northwest, where he pursued a passion for songwriting and performance, chasing his musical muse from Seattle to Los Angeles and finally back to Florida.

Drawn by the poetry of life’s great play and inspired by nature’s complementary principles of dark and light, he weaves perennial philosophy and everyday wisdom and insights into his work as a gifted body worker, yoga teacher and musician. In addition to his bodywork practice, he freelances as a yoga teacher and roving musician and can be found leading a monthly kirtan (sacred chant) group and various spiritual workshops at Zen Mystery Spiritual Center in Dania, FL.


Chronic and potentially destructive emotions such as anxiety and depression often manifest in the body as precursors to serious physical ailments but can be significantly managed through body-mind therapy like massage. While harmful mood states affect the immune system as well as the musculature and soft tissue matrix, The Healer Inside body-mind therapies like Integrated Holistic Massage, Infrared Sauna Treatment, Alpha-Stem Technology and other treatments aim to prevent disease and restore health on both the emotional and physical level. Body work by Russell may have elements of a spa experience but is so much more! Russell’s clients range from individuals and couples seeking deep relaxation or relief from muscular and joint pain to patients seeking prevention and treatment of stress related disorders and other chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, migraines, insomnia, IBS, etc., as well as working with clients with a wide range of physical and emotional conditions.