Dr. Jessica M. Gurvit, PSY.D


“Our goals and dreams may seem improbable but they are never impossibleâ€

My Message to You

A woman holding her dog in front of trees.I am dedicated to helping you live a fulfilling life. Far too often your hopes and dreams seem out of reach or blocked by defeating thoughts, confusing emotions and difficult situations. When you are dreaming of what is possible for your life or for the life of your child or another loved one, you should know that anything is possible. You have the capacity at any time to change the direction of your life, for good. In fact, change is the most enduring feature of your existence. Circumstances around you are continually shifting and you are constantly responding to those changes in ways that shape you. My goal is to help you create happiness and well-being with the material that life is presenting to you – right here and right now.

 My Background

  • Psy.D in Clinical Psychology Nova Southeastern University
  • Executive Director of The Healer Inside Psychology and Wellness Center
  • Adjunct Professor  (doctoral program) Nova Southeastern University
  • Former Faculty Holy Cross Hospital (creator of Postpartum curriculum)
  • Doctoral training in Western Psychology evidence based techniques
  • Advanced training in Ancient Wisdom Psychology Traditions including Buddhist psychology
  • Executive Director of Hospice of Northeast Florida
  • Founder of Living With Loss 501C3 non-profit organization
  • Creator and author of the award-winning Children and Grief Program
  • Consultant to school systems throughout the United States
  • Recipient of the Elisabeth Kubler Ross Award for a school based prevention program for children at-risk from grief and other losses
  • Keynote speaker at State and National Conferences
  • Radio/TV personality (appearance on the Today Show)
  • Trainer and consultant to businesses, organization’s and agencies
  • Former faculty member of Jacksonville Community College
  • Teacher of emotionally disturbed children
  • Consultant to the Archdiocese Catholic schools in Broward and Dade counties