Our Approach

We believe that happiness peace and success is possible for every child and adult. Yet these states of being often seem out of reach or are present for only brief periods of time. Our approach is to awaken the potential that resides inside of you that is and always has been there but out of reach.

A light green background with a white border.In our approach, we seek to identify and eliminate deep-seated beliefs, thinking patterns and negative emotions that undermine your success and well-being.  We then firmly establish new thinking patterns and positive emotions and strategies that correspond with the direction you want your life to take. We have created a safe, confidential and warm environment that is conducive to exploring feelings and thoughts without judgment.

We believe that all healing takes place within the context of the therapeutic relationship.  Therefore we put great emphasis on our therapists training, lifelong learning, extensive experience and personal growth. Just like every snowflake is unique, every child and adult is a one of a kind masterpiece. Therefore, we insist on having at our disposal a vast array of methodologies and experiences to tailoring our approach to the uniqueness that is called, “You.”

We provide an opportunity for you to access your innate power and wisdom – which has been blocked by deep habitual patterns and erroneous beliefs established long ago. Like an unclaimed lotto ticket you are already the beneficiary of so much wealth but have failed to claim and enjoy it.

Most of us believe that our happiness and well being depends on events outside of ourselves which leaves us feeling pretty vulnerable and powerless. The reality is that our happiness and peace and success can only be accessed from within ourselves. Wisdom begins with looking in the right direction. Let us be your compass and guide on the most important journey of your life!