Who We Are

 Our Mission is to Help People of All Ages, Live Healthier, Happier and More Inspired Lives 

The Healer Inside is a Psychology and Wellness Center with a compassionate team of licensed doctors and psychotherapists with diverse backgrounds, talents and passions. With over 60 years of combined experience and a broad range of specialties, we are dedicated to helping you and your loved ones remove the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your true potential.

Our goal is to empower and provide you with the tools, strategies and assistance necessary for your health, success and wellbeing.

Utilizing a variety of methods and approaches, based on cutting-edge, evidence-based research and practice, we customize everything we do to your unique needs, goals and circumstances.

We think it is important to dispel the myths and stigma often associated with psychotherapy and understand that it takes a certain level of courage to seek out the services we provide. The majority of clients we see on a daily basis are people just like you, that seek to create a clear path to their happiness and well-being by using all of the resources at their disposal to achieve their life’s desires to succeed.

We also understand that seeking Psychotherapy can be intimidating and confusing which is why we have created a users guide with the most frequently asked questions about how to find the right psychotherapist for you and your family, among other concerns. In that guide, we dispel misinformation that will help you at such a critical juncture in your life.

Our center is a cozy and home-like environment that puts both children and adults at ease. Oliver, our pet therapy Yorkshire Terrier, is our ambassador and makes everyone feel welcome for his or her next appointment.

In some circumstances, we make home visits and/or visit you on location at your workplace environment. Our aim is to ensure that our services are easily accessible when you need them, convenient and tailored to your needs.

Recognized locally, nationally and internationally for our work with children and adults. Our reputation is outstanding and as such, we are a preferred referral source for many of the most respected schools and physicians (pediatricians, internists, OBGYN’s) in Dade and Broward counties.

We are conveniently located near the beaches and financial district in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but pride ourselves in also providing remote therapeutic services via phone and/or other Internet conferencing platforms.