Stories Just Like Yours

Confidentiality is a value that we cherish in every aspect of our practice. But our patients’ feedback and their inspirational thoughts are what keep us focused on our mission to help more and more people take their lives to the next level. We are blessed enough that a few brave souls, graciously offered to share their thoughts with you on this page – in hopes that they too will contribute to the professional growth and development of other souls, just like you.

“I will never forget the day that my husband told me that he didn’t want to be married to me anymore.  I remember calling my best friend and she told me that I had to call Dr. Jessica.  I made an appointment that same week and began seeing her on a regular basis for about a year and thanks to her, my friends and my faith I was able to get through a very difficult time in my life with grace and dignity.  I still today have people ask me how I handled myself so well.  They say that they wouldn’t have been as “nice” as I was and for that, I credit Dr. Jessica for helping me handle my divorce as amicably as I did.  I am now pleased to report that over six years later, I am happily married to a wonderful man that would not be in my life if it weren’t for Dr. Jessica.  She is a one of a kind counselor.  I have also had the privilege of referring her to many people, just as my friend did to me.”

Tricia Young
Director of Congregational Care and Adult Activity Center (a senior adult ministry)
of First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale